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We are also a company and we know how the value of an investment is crucial to moving forward or not, so it is essential that we talk about budgets.

How can I get a quote?

To present you with our best proposal for the development of your online store or any of our other services, we need to know your project a little better. We just need 5 minutes to answer some questions and then we'll schedule a meeting to talk in more detail about where you are and where you want to be.

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Are budgets fixed?

We have a base value for each service but the final value of each quote may vary, for example, depending on the features of the online store or the complementary services you are looking for.

What are the possible integrations?

One of the main advantages of Shopify is the level of integrations it allows, making the daily management of your business easier.


Shopify has its own payment provider - Shopify Payments, through which it ensures payments by credit card, ATM, Apple Pay, Google Pay, among others.

In addition to this, it is possible to integrate other providers that ensure, for example, payments via MBway, PayPal or credit purchases.


Order processing is one of the tasks that probably involves the most time and resources in managing a store, which is why Shopify offers several integration solutions with different carriers.


Yes, it is possible to automate the issuing and sending of invoices in your online store. There are several invoicing systems that integrate with Shopify.

E-mail marketing

If you think that email marketing is a thing of the past, you need to see it in action and analyze its results. Shopify has integration with most email marketing platforms, especially those that are more focused on e-commerce.

Social networks and Ads

You can also integrate your online store with your social networks and Google and use your store data for advertising campaigns on different platforms.

Main questions

These are the main questions that come to us regarding Shopify, our work and the process of developing online stores on Shopify.

What does the online store development process include?

In the development of the online store we included a paid Shopify theme, the development of the store's graphic identity,
the structuring and creation of pages and functionalities, the insertion of products and features up to 50 articles, the inclusion and review of legal requirements, the integration of payment methods, delivery methods, billing program and stocks (if applicable), integration of two editable translations, in addition to the default language (if applicable) and SEO Base.

In addition, and before publishing the store, we include a series of tests and reviews and training on the Shopify platform, so that you can be completely autonomous in its subsequent management.

How long does it take to develop my store?

We estimate a period of 5 weeks for the development of each project.

After the project award and kickoff meeting, we assume a deadline of 1 week to send some basic elements to start the project - such as visual identity, product information, references, etc. After this, we allocate 3 weeks for the development of the store and, after this period, we meet with you to analyze and debate the proposal and identify aspects to improve or correct. In this final stretch, we estimate one to two weeks for the process of integrations, tests, reviews and... Magic happens!

What are the costs associated with maintaining the online store?

To maintain your Shopify store you will have to bear the costs inherent to the platform itself - which you can consult here , in addition to domain maintenance and the costs of installing possible paid applications.

Does Shopify charge any type of fee for each sale made?

Shopify only charges fees for purchases where the payment method used is one of those provided by Shopify Payments, as with other payment providers.

Is there anything left unanswered?

Those inside the bubble often have difficulty recognizing the doubts of those outside, so it is normal for questions to remain unanswered.

Talk to us and clarify everything!

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